Friday, July 22, 2011

Jailed 15 months for using counterfeit money

A JOBLESS man was jailed a year and three months on on July 22 for using a counterfeit $50 note to buy a can of beer from a Yishun provision shop.
Segar Ramiah, 37, had pleaded guilty in early July. Then, the district court heard that in August, 2010, his cousin, Narindran Sangara Banoi, who was also unemployed and in financial difficulties, told him he was using fake currency notes to pay for his expenses.
On Sept 2, 2010, Segar used one of the two bogus notes his cousin gave him to buy the beer at the Alpha's Trading Minimart near his home at 7.30pm. Shop proprietor Amina Rahmatullah, 49, only realised it was a fake three hours later. She called the police and Segar was subsequently arrested with the $47.80 of change still on him.
Narindran, 21, has also been dealt with. In February 2011, he was jailed eight years for counterfeiting and for passing off fake notes as genuine on 55 occasions. In all, he produced 101 pieces of bogus notes in denominations of $2, $10 and $50, to the tune of $3,970 between February and September last year. He did this in his Yishun home, by scanning genuine notes and printing copies on his colour printer.
He had also handed some fake notes to friends Jegathesan Subramaniam, 31, and Ramer Rethina Thevar Ramanathan. Both are odd-job workers.


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